Getting Started with Chess

If you are new to chess or just want to find out more about chess improvement  - here are some ideas on where to look. Please feel free to pop down on a Monday evening and join us for some social chess or a chat as well.

ECF resources for beginners

The following web page from the English Chess Federation  ECF has some great links to useful resources for beginners -

Websites has a bunch of great resources for learning about the game - some require a paid subscription but some are free e.g.

LiChess is a completely free site where you can play online, study and learn -

chess24 is another site with lots of resources for playing, studying and learning -

On all these sites you can play against other players, test your strength against computers on various levels, learn / study , play through master games etc.

LiChess is completely free, the other two require a subscription for access to some but not all features.

For children check out the guide on the Maidenhead junior chess club page -


Here are some links to some popular YouTube channels (and some we like)


Chess Books and Equipment

If you prefer books there is a huge range of books to choose from depending on your level and what you are looking to learn about - if you want some advice just drop us a line at or have a browse of the extensive shop at the Chess and Bridge Shop

Selection of chess books for beginners to 1700

If you want some ideas on where to start - here is a great YouTube video from Andras Toth running through the books he recommends from beginner to 1700 rating (good club player) level

There are more lists and book reviews here -